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Edouard runs on Mac to save you time and money!
Learn here about the amazing benefits of running your business on Mac!

Created to empower your company

Edouard is a OS X native Client-Server application built on top of PostgreSQL.
This means multiple users can work on the same set of data, at the same time, with a complete management system that provides user authorizations, as well as local and system configurations.
Edouard can handle virtually any amount of users. It will support your long term growth.

Smart Purchases for accurate tracking

The purchases module in Edouard allows you to –among other things: create a draft; place an order; track the receiving status; automatically create inventory batches and cost prices; create records in your accounting as soon as the orders are validated; manage conflicts; print drafts and receiving sheets.

Powerful Sales made easy

The sales module lets you create everything from a quote to an invoice, including picking sheets and packaging slips and print them using templates.
Edouard suggests which inventory batch to use, decreases your inventory and picks the right price according to your pricing policies.
Services can be billed too. Both Sales and Credit notes are automatically posted to Accounting when completed.

Fast and simple Manufacturing

Do you do something to your inventory before selling it? Turning swords into plowshares, for instance, or oranges into orange juice? No problem!
Edouard handles production of goods or services, plus it adjusts inventory and calculates the total cost. This module is simple enough to be used for many industries.

Detailed and precise Inventory tracking

The inventory module is a very rich product management system that allows you to store enormous quantities of data including inventory levels, families, prices, providers, labels and metadata. Everything can be localized within an independent system, allowing you to work in different markets, using different languages for different sections. Also, inventory management allows you to control your inventory at any point, partially or entirely. You can correct any mistake in your inventory and Edouard will adjust quantities and cost prices and keep track of everything that happened in the product log.

Complete Contacts management

Contacts are handled as Companies and People, with possible links between the two. This allows you to keep in touch with people, even if they change their job or start a new business.
You can also store additional information, such as addresses, emails, sales and purchase settings and notes along with lots of organizing metadata, such as origin of contact, markets and status.
You can also create client groups to build complex pricing policies.

Powerful Accounting for everyone.

Accounting is at the core of Edouard. All processes affect the accounting automatically, especially sales and purchasing. Books are filled automatically with records and provides a practical reconciliation tool for anyone to use. Edouard also includes Chart of Accounts and a complete book editing tool for pro-users.

Real-time Statistics reporting

Statistics allows you to load built-in reports or to create your own using our API. These reports will allow you to visualize your data in tables and graphs and export them.
The data are always gathered dynamically and the results always represent the data in the moment you run the report.

Forget dematerialization, embrace non-materialization

Templates is where you design your documents to be printed or generated as PDFs. You can use pre-printed forms (company header) and have the template just add the custom information, or you can use the template to create the entire form, including your logo. Templates can be saved as PDF, so they can be faxed* or emailed directly within the program. All documents are stored on the server so they are available to everyone in the company.
*requires a fax/printer with the feature available with its OS X drivers (ex: Brother's combo fax/scan/printer).

One server application to control them all.

Edouard Server is a standalone application that allows you to easily install, start, stop and maintain your server.
The computer on which it runs is where your license and database are stored and accessed.
It runs on any Mac operating Mountain Lion (10.8), even as small as a Mac Mini, and can even be run locally on your client computer.
Managing it on a remote computer is extremelly easy and can be done using the OS X embedded screen sharing feature.
It can be easily backed up and restored within minutes, as often as every hour using Time Machine.
Important Note: If you wish to run Edouard Server on a OS X with the Server app, please check the online documentation first.

You can download it at any time here.

Mobile/Satellite Apps

Edouard is designed as a whole system with gravitating apps and services.
Edouard Mobile Apps are a great way to extend the capacities of your Edouard system.
Using Edouard Server's mobile interface, you can access your Edouard system from your devices running our Edouard iOS applications.

They are all free, but each connection will use a slot from your license.

Simple Pricing

Edouard itself is free, but you will need connection slots on your server.

Edouard Server in-HouseUSD 1499One time purchase
Edouard Server CloudUSD 99per month

Each device, wether mobile or desktop, takes one connection slot while being used.

We offer discounts for volume-licensing on our store.
Prior your purchase, you can try it using the Edouard Server in-House app.

WorldWide Support Included

iFixit's manifesto says it perfectly: "If you can't fix it, you don't own it".
In this shared spirit, we designed Edouard to be self maintained.
We encourages you to be your own maintenance team - No waiting, no costs.

But you might need a little extra help, so we provide you with each purchases:
- A full iBooks/PDF documentation for you to learn about your Edouard and.
- A full worldwide support.


Purchasing Edouard is as easy as:
1. Download Edouard Client.
2. Choose your server option - in-House or Cloud.
3. In-House Server: Download Edouard Server.
4. Buy a license from our online store
5a. In-House Server: Install the emailed license in the preferences of your Edouard Server.
5b. Cloud: Follow the emailed instructions.



Quick Starts, Tutorials, Full details and more are available in our documentation.
It is updated regularly and covers every aspect of the Edouard Universe.
Plus, you can take it on your iPad and have it synced with all your devices including your Macs with the iBooks version!

iBooks - PDF

WorldWide Support

Paid and registered customers have access to our worldwide support:
• Use the live chat on this very page to talk to have real people answer your questions and issues.
• Book appointment for direct support over phone or VOIP (from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm PST) to solve your persisting problems.
• Direct remote intervention on your installation using remote controls (providing it is accessible).



• At least one intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
• Server: 8GB Ram.


• Edouard is built exclusively for OS X
• Written in Objective-C 2.0 and uses a PostgreSQL 9.0 database
• Data volume is virtually unlimited
• Program is completely integrated
• Developer API available for Statistics reports, import/export schemes
• Set tax rates
• Set contacts addresses locations
• Manages users and their access rights
• Set office or warehouse locations and languages
• Choose currencies
• Set up fees for purchases or sales
• Allow billing before or without shipping for services or downloads
• Choose templates for use with reports
• Import or export data from CSV files
• Local preferences for user not affecting the whole system
• Retina Ready


• Use sales order form as quote, sales order, invoice or credit note, without re-entering data
• Choose different addresses for billing or shipping
• Enter discounts by line or by total invoice
• Enter tax rate by delivery address
• Bill products without shipping for services or downloads
• Print quote, packing slip or invoice from same sales order
• Add fees for shipping or configuration
• Email quote directly from program
• Enter shipping method, warehouse location and tracking number
• Search by sales order number or client name


• Use Purchase Order for quote or receiving
• Set payment method, shipment due dates, delivery mode, payment due dates
• Validate receipt with provider invoice number for accounts payable
• Email Purchases Orders directly from program
• Search by Purchase Order number or provider name


• Print production bill of materials for product aggregation or manufacturing
• Enter product into production queue and hold until all inventory is available
• Validate production and move finished product to inventory
• Include critical information about build and customer
• Enter due date and priority


• Create CRM for Clients, Providers or Prospects
• Create groups of Clients with the same pricing point
• See what products each client has purchased, with invoice numbers and prices
• See what products have been purchased from Providers, including purchase order numbers, dates and prices
• Add notes for each phone contact
• Add employees to companies and easily change their affiliations
• Add multiple email addresses for company employees
• Use multiple addresses for shipping, billing, etc
• Manually block sales to or from companies
• Export company or employee information to CSV file


• Create products by Typologies, including items bought and sold unchanged or items used only in production
• Set up prices by customer or groups of customers
• Set up preferred vendors
• Export label information in multiple languages to label software
• Track product sales by customer
• List purchase orders for each product
• Create kits or bills of materials for production products
• Change inventory levels manually
• Export manual inventory results to CSV file
• Move products from one location to another or one warehouse to another
• Log all manual changes to inventory by login name
• Add information via barcode scanner
• Block inventory items from being sold
• Designate inventory items as “obsolete” to remove them from sales inventory, but not from reports
• Show inventory level, average cost and total inventory value
• Set inventory as FIFO, FILO or manual mode
• Choose multiple family and sub-family levels
• Search by part number or alpha characters in description


• Set up company chart of accounts
• Set up Banks and enter information from bank statements
• Clients-reconcile client payments with invoices
• Providers-reconcile payments to providers
• Management of default of payment and extra payments in reconconciliation
• Visualization of General Ledger and Balance
• Operation to extract important customer credit and vat/sales tax information
• Debugger-a user friendly way to see links between Purchases/Sales Orders, including billing records, payments and payment records
• General ledger is a powerful tool for diagnosing and solving problems
• DOT-Declaration of Trades lets you search for totals by date range, if you import or export products
• Accounting is set up for international purchasing and sales
• Close fiscal year and start a new one
• Complete management of Books
• Inspector in Books allows you to easily see reconciled records
• Error detectors in books
• Auto-fix feature to correct record generated by invoicing


• Dynamic loading of Reports
• Possibility of creating your own Reports using the EDStatisticsReport API
• Automatic generation of table or outline depending on content
• Automatic generation of graph if allowed by Report
• Configuration of graph to visualize data from a different perspective
• Export of data


• Create document templates as needed
• Use a library of default items
• Use of variable items which are populated by context data
• Single page design of possible multiple page document using first-page, all-page and last page positioning
• Use of token to give dynamic data loading attributes to default items
• Layer based drawing of the document
• Free placing of elements (not in big text area)
• Documents saved on server and accessible instantly after save to everyone