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Empower your company

Edouard is no toy. It is a full business management solution (ERP) built from the grounds up specifically for small and medium businesses.
It handles your business needs, gives access to all your associates to a single shared data set from anywhere in the world at anytime and between the ease of use of native OS X/iOS apps and our fully maintained and supported Cloud server instances, Edouard is worries-free for your company.
Edouard brings a set of features unaccessible to SMBs until now!
Edouard purchases

Smart Purchases for accurate tracking

The purchases module in Edouard allows you to –among other things: create a draft; place an order; track the receiving status; automatically create inventory batches and cost prices; create records in your accounting as soon as the orders are validated; manage conflicts; print drafts and receiving sheets.
Edouard sales

Powerful Sales made easy

The sales module lets you create everything from a quote to an invoice, including picking sheets and packaging slips and print them using templates.
Edouard suggests which inventory batch to use, decreases your inventory and picks the right price according to your pricing policies.
Services can be billed too. Both Sales and Credit notes are automatically posted to Accounting when completed.
Edouard manufacturing

Fast and simple Manufacturing

Do you do something to your inventory before selling it? Turning swords into plowshares, for instance, or oranges into juice? No problem!
Edouard handles production of goods or services, plus it adjusts inventory and calculates the total cost. This module is simple enough to be used for all industries.
Edouard products

Detailed and precise Inventory tracking

The inventory module is a very rich product management system that allows you to store enormous quantities of data including inventory levels, families, prices, providers, labels and metadata. Everything can be localized within an independent system, allowing you to work in different markets using different languages. Also, it allows you to control your inventory at any point, partially or entirely. You can correct any mistake in your inventory and Edouard will adjust quantities and cost prices and keep track of everything that happened in the product log.
Edouard contacts

Complete Contacts management

Contacts are handled as Companies and People, with links between the two. This allows you to keep in touch with people, even if they change their job or start a new business.
You can also store additional information, such as addresses, emails, sales and purchase settings and notes along with lots of organizing metadata, such as origin of contact, markets and status.
You can also create client groups to build complex pricing policies.
Edouard accounting

Powerful Accounting for everyone.

Accounting is at the core of Edouard. All processes affect the accounting automatically, especially sales and purchasing. Books are filled automatically with records and provides a practical reconciliation tool for anyone to use. Edouard also includes Chart of Accounts and a complete book editing tool for pro-users.
Edouard statistics

Real-time Statistics reporting

Statistics allows you to load built-in reports or to create your own using our API. These reports will allow you to visualize your data in tables and graphs and export them.
The data are always gathered dynamically and the results always represent the data in the moment you run the report.
Edouard templates

Forget dematerialization, embrace non-materialization

Templates is where you design your documents to be printed or generated as PDFs. You can use pre-printed forms (company header) and have the template just add the custom information, or you can use the template to create the entire form, including your logo. Templates can be saved as PDF, so they can be faxed* or emailed directly within the program. All documents are stored on the server so they are available to everyone in the company.
*requires a fax/printer with the feature available with its OS X drivers (ex: Brother"e;s combo fax/scan/printer).
Fp cloud 256x174

100% in the Cloud

No more server hassle! With Edouard 2.0, your server is in the cloud, under our supervision. Your whole experience is transparent and worries-free.
And since it is in the cloud, your server is accessible from anywhere, at anytime, securely!
Edouard mobile apps

Mobile Apps

Edouard is a whole universe with gravitating apps and services.
Edouard Mobile Apps are a great way for you to extend the capabilities of your Edouard system.